In any car or vehicle with 12v you can now make your warm drink or keep it warm.

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Temperature setting

You can manually set the temperature up to 90°C /184°F. Red means it's heating up.

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No boiling

The unit is protected agains boiling. This prevents steam and damp.

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Keep warm

Once on the right temperature it keeps it there. So you don't need to dring 300ml at once. Enjoy it.

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12V Caférette is...

A Patented mug to warm up liquids or keep them warm. You can set the temperature up to 90°C/184°F.

Modern colors

We produce the Caférette in several colors like, black, green, blue, orange and red.

How does it work?

After plugging it into the 12v socket you select your desired temperature and press start button. The mug you can take out for cleaning.

Instant drinks.....

Nescafé is a big supplier of instant coffee and hot chocolate. Perfect for underway. But don't forget your noodle soup and warm up baby milk.

I didn't want to wait in line to get a hot drink somewhere or look for a gas station or restaurant underway. Now I just make it myself anywhere and the Caférette keeps it warm until I decide to drink it. It made my life more comfortable. :)